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Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company

Skydancer tobacco products are made in the USA with the finest 100% natural pure tobacco with no additives.

The Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company's fierce commitment to its proprietary tobacco weave continues to be crafted in the same tradition of our past tribal elders.  This rich heritage in craftsmanship is embodied in all of our Skydancer tobacco products.

Because of this, our tobacco is naturally slow burning with consistent smooth, rich, satisfying flavor.  Today's consumers want superior taste, affordable pricing and value, and that is what we provide at the Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company.  Experience the satisfaction of Skydancer tobacco products today!

Our Definition of Value

The Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company's definition of value added consists of using only the finest all natural tobacco in all of our products, while offering them at a great price.  We use state of the art technology and years of tribal tobacco experience to produce tobacco products that are smooth while delivering rich, full, flavor and taste.

Our History

The Seneca-Cayuga Tribe has over 300 years of heritage with tribal members spread throughout North America from Canada to the southwestern regions of the United States.  We have cultivated and refined tobacco products as part of our rich tribal culture for decades.

Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company

Our Company

The Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company is an enterprise of the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma.  The Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company is owned, operated, and funded by the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma.

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